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Revofblood Masquerade Online® Gothic Virtual Life System

RevOfBlood Masquerade, the gothic role-playing game linked to virtual worlds such as Rev World and other platforms based on OpenSim code. Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of RevOfBlood Masquerade, whether you are a creature of evil or good, take your race to the top of individual or clan rankings. A range of Items will accompany your character to get you Skills and Status.
Create your own Clan and participate in the Clan Ranking making your group more active than all the worlds! Experience a reality from Vampire, Lycan, Demon, Drow, Angel, Elves, Hunter or Wizars and simulate your story, to write the background thinks RevOfBlood Masquerade Online!
What are you waiting for? Register is Free !! Choose your race and create your story!

If you are the owner of a Grid or Virtual Platform and want to integrate RevOfBlood Masquerade Online into your world, it is possible!
Contact us from the following online form specifying the request.

There are 4 of 8 HUDs to choose from. Each HUD gives you different abilities.

Vampire Hud's

Demon Hud's

Lycan Hud's

Drow Hud's